• Quality control tools
    since 1889

    A centuries-old tradition to evaluate the quality of the products

  • Comprehensive labs
    for the textile industry

    One of our experts will guide you through the implementation of a modern quality control laboratory

  • Expertise and technology

    Two key words to successfully address the demands of today’s market

  • We design and manufacture
    our tools

    We regularly and continuously keep our products updated in order to meet our customers’ needs

  • Support and advice

    At your premises

More than a century of research, technological achievements, experience, specialisation, and success.

A worldwide effective operating presence, articulated in time through seven generations of machines, always revolutionary for their time.

The design and the manufacture of instruments are the result of a considerable commitment, and represent a further contribution to the quality and to the overall service regarding International Customers granting the company their unconditional trust.